Struggling to find buyers?

If you have had viewings but are struggling to get offers on your home here are some ways to maximise the potential of your property.

  1. Make sure you are asking the right price

It is important that your property is on the market at the right price or this could dissuade potential buyers from viewing.  Talk to your agent about comparable prices in your area and, if necessary, you might want to consider reducing the asking price.

2.   Is the outside of the property neat and tidy?

Some people concentrate so much on making sure the inside of their home is clean and tidy for viewing that they forget the outside.  Most people will at least drive-by or look at the outside before they contact the Sales Agent to check on the area, location, parking and any other potential problems before they commit to a viewing of the inside.

 Untidy gardens, rubbish and dirty windows can give the impression that a lot of work is needed on a house when all it actually needs is a quick clean and tidy.

 3.    Give each room a ‘purpose’

 Many buyers lack the imagination to see beyond the current furnishings in a home.  If you are using the dining room as a playroom or the third bedroom as a study it can be difficult to picture these as  anything else.

 If at all possible, put a table in the dining room and a bed in the bedroom. 

 4.   De-Clutter

 Rooms with a lot of furniture and ornaments may appear smaller than they really are.  If possible put large items of furniture into storage and box up personal knick-knacks and ornaments to store in the garage or loft.  People may find it difficult to imagine their belongings in a home already full of someone else’s personal items. 

 If you have children and their walls are covered in posters it would be a good idea to remove these as, again, they can make the room appear much smaller than it actually is.

       5.   Make the house look as good as new

 It needn’t cost a fortune to freshen up your home.  There are some quick and easy ways to make everything look as good as new.  Re-grouting the bathroom tiles can be just as effective as re-tiling.  New fittings and a new light can work wonders.  Don’t forget a new toilet seat and new towels.

 If the kitchen cabinets are tired looking they can be re-painted and re-fitted.  Make sure the work surfaces are clear and replace any dirty or old tea towels. 

 6.   Get the cleaners in

 Money spent on getting professional cleaners in for a day could be money well spent.  Giving your home a thorough clean including windows, floors and furnishings can be just as effective as re-decorating. 

7.   Prepare for each viewing

 If possible try to keep any pets out of the house for the duration of each viewing.  Not everyone will like pets as much as you do and some may even be allergic to animal hair.

 Be careful not to smoke, cook strong-smelling food or leave the heating off if it’s cold outside. 

 Leave a parking space free outside for the visitor and turn on any outside lights to make the house as welcoming as possible.

 8.   Be sensible about offers

 If you receive offers for the property that are lower than you hoped try to think reasonably about your expectations.  Do you want to move quickly?  If you do it could be sensible to accept a slightly lower offer from a cash-buyer who is not relying on the sale of their own property.

 If you were going to leave the white-goods when you moved see if you can negotiate a price for these with the buyer.  Most people would rather buy existing fridges and washing-machines from the current owners to save on delivery or moving their own.  The same applies to any furnishings or furniture you could leave. 

 If you are not under any particular time constraints you could wait to see if you receive a higher offer but be sure to talk through any decisions with your Agent.  They should be honest about what kind of offers you should expect and if you are unsure you can always get another couple of Agents to look at the property and give you a valuation. 

 9.   Don’t give up

 There are numerous reasons why houses do not sell from the wrong time of year to the wrong colour paint.  Neutralising the décor and de-cluttering your home should make it appeal to any potential buyers. 

 Ask friends and family for their advice and get more than one valuation.

 Remain positive and good luck!